Steel wool is generally known, but it is also possible to produce fibers from materials such as stainless steel, aluminum and non-ferrous metals. In addition to various materials, we offer you different fiber thicknesses and lengths, according to your requirements.

Aluminium AlMg5

STAX aluminum fibers AlMg5 are used for lightweight construction, for shielding, damping or insulation.

Stainless steel

We produce our STAX stainless steel fibers 1.4113 (magnetizable) and 1.4841 (not magnetizable, austenitic) in the gradescoarsewith an average fiber strength of approx. 120 μm and medium90 μm.

Copper Cu99

Applications for STAX copper fibers Cu99 are found in friction material as brake pads or clutches, further in plastic compounds in sport floors, on thatched roofs, as electrical and thermal conductor.

Brass MS67

STAX brass fibers MS67 are mainly used for friction linings, in brakes and clutch linings, etc.

Low Carbon Steel

Main area of application for our STAX steel fibers is friction material for brakes and clutches, and as concrete reinforcement or in plastic compounds.

Segment wire

Our STAX wire segment fibers are used in industrial concrete floors and floor slabs.

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